Pet Portraits by Joanna Culley

hello from I would like to welcome you to my pet portrait website and start by giving you a brief introduction. My name is Joanna Culley and I am a full time professional artist living and working in Haslemere, Surrey. I create realism portraits of many species of animals, from cats and horses and dogs, to rabbits and birds whether they are local to Surrey and Hampshire, across the UK or internationally.

There is a choice of mediums so that you can have your pet portrait in watercolour, or pencil or a combination of both these mediums.

Due to the nature of my realism style, I usually only work from customers own high quality photos, or if distance and time allows I take my own photos from visiting your pet at your home. I certainly will look at any photos to see if they are of good enough quality if you are unsure, these can be emailed or sent via the post.

This is to ensure you get the very high quality watercolour or pencil pet portrait that I am known for. I am always very happy to talk to all you animal lovers out there, so any questions please email me at and we can chat about commissioning a pet portrait or I can answer any questions you have.

Pet portraits can make perfect gifts or as a lasting memory of that beloved pet, plus I can organise professional bespoke framing to complete the package, quotations upon request. So please feel free to email me at or telephone: 0203 287 7202 to talk about what you might like. I look forward to your call, best wishes

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Watercolour portrait of a horse - Showtime

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Dog portrait example in watercolour

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Cat Pet Portrait in Watercolour

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