Pet Portrait Gift Certificates

Often people wish to give their loved ones a special present of a pet portrait. Whether it is a dog, cat, horse a pet portrait is a very special gift to give to someone. Sometimes it is difficult to get the required photographs of the pet required to do the portrait without spoiling the surprise. Do not worry, there is another way. You can buy a pet portrait gift certificate - a real gift card for you to give on that special occassion. Your loved one can then send their photographs to me, or if practical arrange for me to visit to take the pictures. They don't even see on the card how much you have spent on their special gift.

Buying a Gift Certificate

It is very easy to buy a gift certificate, you can either post me a cheque having decided on what medium (watercolour or pencil) and size you would like and I will send out the certificate on payment. I will then send you out the appropriate gift certificate to your address, or if you prefer I can send the gift certificate direct to your loved one.

Please Contact Joanna to buy a Gift Certificate

What isn't included

For practical reasons I cannot include overseas shipping of the actual artwork in the cost of the certificates. Please call if you require me to ship the portrait outside of the UK. I also cannot include the cost of a photography session in the certificate price because it is dependent on the location. Please contact me if you want to discuss this.

A pet portrait of Teddy the Jack Russell Terrrier by Joanna Culley

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Working to a smaller budget? Get a Pet Portrait Gift

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